Dark Yin&Yang

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Inspired by the powerful Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang, which dates back to several hundreds of years BCE. The Yin&Yang principle stated that all things exist as contradictory opposites; for every darkness there is a light, and every negative there is a positive. When you buy the Yin&Yang roundie, you help to combat the suffering around the world when it comes to lack of clean drinking water. 10% of all net profits are donated to help fund clean drinking water projects.

The simple yet stunning white on black design is perfect for anyone who loves the beauty of contrasting colors.

As with all the new additions in 2017, this towel was designed with the help of inspiration that comes from living just off the shores of Georgian Bay.

Immerse yourself in a luxuriously soft and premium feeling towel that is made from industry leading bamboo blend. Although lightweight and ultra absorbent, this towel has a distinctive feeling of quality to it that will surround your body in comfort with each and every use.

This roundie makes a bold statement wherever you take it. It’s large circumference of ~60in makes this roundie large enough for two!

This multi-functional beach towel is perfect to bring to the beach, pool, or to hang up as decorative tapestry year round!


  • No more adjusting your towel to angle yourself towards the sun when you decide to tan! Lay any which way you please with the ample space provided by this roundie.
  • Turn heads EVERYWHERE. This gorgeous eye-catching design is sure to get you tonnes of compliments!
  • Wrap yourself up to dry! This large roundie is perfect to fully wrap yourself up in style when you decide to step out of the water! It’s large circumference means you’ll stay warm head to toe once you decide it’s time to dry off!


Wash alone in cold water and hang dry to keep in pristine condition.

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